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Miscellaneous Equipment: Manufactured using High Quality Materials

We have brought an unparallel range of Miscellaneous Equipments for our clients. These products are designed in a very competitive way and produced using high quality material and elements, which are obtained from the most reputed dealer of the market. Moreover, these products can be found in different shapes, sizes and characteristics to match the various requirements of our customers.

    A ball mill is primarily used to grind and blend materials for the use in mineral dressing...
  • Bottle Washing Machine
    Bottle Washing Machine (ATI-162)
    These equipment’s are used to clean the bottle after brushing and is designed using advanced...
  • Dehumidifier
    Dehumidifier (ATI - 195)
    As the name suggests, dehumidifier are equipment’s that reduces the level of humidity in the air...
  • Diaphragm Vacuum Pump
    Diaphragm Vacuum Pump (ATI - 168)
    Diaphragm vacuum pump are primarily used for several applications in laboratory and operations...
  • Digital Melting Point Apparatus
    Digital Melting Point Apparatus (ATI-169)
    A melting point apparatus is a scientific instrument used to determine the melting point...
  • Hot Plate Round
    Hot Plate Round (ATI – 171)
    Hot plate round is mainly used in laboratories to control or prevent damage from chemical...
  • Humidifier
    Humidifier (ATI-165)
    A humidifier is a device that increases humidity in a single room or an entire building...
  • Ice Flaker Machine
    Ice Flaker Machine (ATI-194)
    These Miscellaneous Equipment are widely used in various laboratories and are incorporated...
  • Incinerator
    Incinerator (ATI-180)
    “OBROMAX” Incinerator is most effective Bio-Medical Waste Treatment equipment for every, .....
  • Lab Willey Grinder (Arthur H. Thomas Type)
    Lab Willey Grinder (Arthur H. Thomas Type) (ATI-164)
    Lab Willey Grinder are equipment’s that are primarily used for grinding of dry samples....
  • Melting Point Apparatus
    Melting Point Apparatus (ATI-170)
    Melting Point Apparatus is fabricated using best grade raw materials. These are widely used in ....
  • Obromax Heating Mantle
    Obromax Heating Mantle (ATI-173)
    Heating mantles are Miscellaneous Equipment that are used to apply heat to the containers.
  • Rectangular Hot Plate
    Rectangular Hot Plate (ATI-172)
    Hot plates rectangular are fabricated from top quality materials and are known for their finest quality,
  • Rotary Vacuum Pump
    Rotary Vacuum Pump (ATI - 167)
    Rotary vacuum pump is an oil sealed rotary displacement pump and are commonly used in...
  • Vacuum Pump (Mono Block)
    Vacuum Pump (Mono Block) ( ATI-166)
    Vacuum pumps are equipment’s primarily used in a wide range of operating pressures...

Supplier of Miscellaneous Equipment in Affordable Price

Acmas Technologies INC Miscellaneous Equipments of advanced quality which are available at very affordable prices and can be used for diverse lab requirements. It is manufactured with best raw material, up-to-date technology and can also be altered as per the certain necessity of clients.
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