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Plant Growth Chamber Specification

Plant growth chamber is a highly dense laboratory gear that gives complete control over ecological parameters and makes easy their use for various purposes like - teaching, researching and testing applications. One of the best Test Chamber Equipment manufactured by Acmas, these systems offer comfortable temperature and lighting that suits every kind of crop plants, cereals and trees. It is basically used in agriculture, research and education because these sectors are commonly engaged for plant physiology and pathology research, drug development and bioengineering research. The superb design of these Plant Growth Chambers allows us to use for any kind of extremely complex and challenging research programs.

Plant Growth Chamber

Model No : ATI - 126

Technical Matrix
Construction Inner SS-304
Outer Powder coated MS
Door Inner SS-304 and outer MS
Temperature Range 5 to 60 deg C
Deviation ± 1 degree C or better
Readability ± 1 degree C or better
Sensor PT-100
Humidity Range 20 % to 80%  (As per graph)
Humidity Accuracy ± 3% RH
Humidity Sensor Capacitive
Water Reservoir 22 ltrs
Controller PID controller
Display LED or LCD
Adjustable alarm limits Visual and acoustic
Insulation PUF
Air Circulation Fan Inbuilt
Serial Data Port (RS 232) Optional
Capacity 10/12/20/30 cu.ft
Shelves 2 / 3 / 4 (As per chamber size)
Light Control Readability or Set ability 10%
Light intensity (Middle chamber) 180 micro mol
Both sides 100-150 micromol
Castors Lockable
Power consumption 230 V, 50 Hz
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