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Acmas Technologies INC is one of the most coveted brand engaged in catering a comprehensive range of the quality based Incubator Shaker. They all are made up of the best quality and guarantee to cater the best service to you. Being a best Incubator shaker manufacturer, we come up with a comprehensive range of the stylish and new age Incubator like Metabolic, Gyratory, KHAN, Laboratory, Magnetic, Rotap Sieve, Rotary Shaker, Table Top Sieve, Test Sieves, V.D.R.L, Vortex, Wrist Action, Flocculator, Gel Rocker, Test Tube, BOD Incubator and Orbital The best thing about our quality based products is that they are Leak proof bottles, come up with the Double walled, hold inside stainless steel (SS) and installed with the viewing glass window to check out the what is going on inside. As the best Incubator shaker manufacturer, we are trusted by many firms as we never compromise with the quality of the product.

  • BOD incubator cum Shaker
    BOD incubator cum Shaker (ATI – 205 (BIS))
    OBROMAX is involved in offering a wide range of assortment of BOD incubator shaker....
  • Flocculator (Jar Testing Apparatus)
    Flocculator (Jar Testing Apparatus) (ATI-154)
    Jar Testing Apparatus are manufactured as per the industry standard and are strong...
  • Gel Rocker Shaker
    Gel Rocker Shaker (ATI – 222)
    Gel Rocker Shakers, manufactured and supplied in the market by OBROMAX are equipment’s...
  • Gyratory Sieve Shaker
    Gyratory Sieve Shaker ( ATI-158)
    Gyratory sieve Shaker offers high performance for long hours of continuous working....
  • KAHN (Reciprocating) Shaker
    KAHN (Reciprocating) Shaker (ATI-151)
    Reciprocating shaker are ideally used for mixing the blood samples, chemical extractions...
  • Laboratory Stirrer
    Laboratory Stirrer (ATI-156)
    Laboratory stirrers are widely used in several pharmaceuticals, chemical, cosmetic...
  • Magnetic Stirrer
    Magnetic Stirrer (ATI-155)
    Magnetic Stirrers are laboratory devices that are used in chemistry and biology laboratories...
  • Metabolic Shaking Incubator
    Metabolic Shaking Incubator (ATI - 136)
    It is a double walled unit with inside made of thick S.S. sheet and outer made of M.S. Steel duly .....
  • Orbital Incubator Shaker
    Orbital Incubator Shaker (ATI – 121)
    Orbital Incubator Shaker are used to perform orbital shaking underperformed conditions.
  • Rotap Sieve Shaker
    Rotap Sieve Shaker (ATI-159)
    Rotap Sieve Shaker are units that are primarily used for research and development, quality...
  • Rotary Shaker Horizontal
    Rotary Shaker Horizontal (ATI-149)
    Rotatory Shakers are used to mix or blend the substances in a tube or flask by shaking...
  • Table Top Sieve Shaker
    Table Top Sieve Shaker (ATI-157)
    Table Top Sieve Shaker are equipment’s that are incorporated with an electric motor...
  • Test Sieves
    Test Sieves (ATI-160)
    Testing sieves are suitable for laboratory and industrial purposes where a high quality of sieving...
  • Test Tube Rotator
    Test Tube Rotator (ATI – 333)
    Test Tube Rotator are equipment’s that are suitable for wide range of mixing applications...
  • V.D.R.L Shaker
    V.D.R.L Shaker (ATI-150)
    VDRL shaker is an essential equipment for Venereal Disease Research Laboratory...
  • Vortex Shaker
    Vortex Shaker (ATI-153)
    Vortex shakers are devices that are used mostly in laboratories to mix small amounts of liquids...
  • Wrist Action Shaker
    Wrist Action Shaker (ATI-152)
    Wrist action shakers are equipped with adjustable finger clamps that provide a superior level...

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As the distinguished Incubator shaker manufacturer brand, we hold expertise in this field and that is why introducing the best quality comprehensive range of the Incubator shakers available at the best prices. These products are used for various incubation applications and for other kind of use as well on a large scaled. The best things about these quality based products are that they can be installed easily without confronting any issue. There are a number of coveted brands who always love choosing OBROMAX as the best Incubator shaker manufacturer to get the best products.
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