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At Acmas Technologies INC, you will find a diverse range of Measuring Meter products that are used to determine the general idea of moisture present in the wood, soil, grains and others. With the help of exact, easy to use and specialized approach, our measuring meters can measure the moisture of anything. Its effective results give you exact knowledge.

A measuring meter is characterized by the measuring standard it uses and the moisture sensors that can be personalized to it. Depending on its model, a measuring meter can have special features. Data from measuring meter can be transformed to a laptop or computer, if the model allows doing so.

We offer Diverse Range of Measuring Meter

Acmas Technologies takes its dedication to correctness and excellence very seriously. All Measuring Meters Manufactured by us go through the high-quality process, so that you don’t complain later. Each measuring meter is created under the supervision of experts and quality tested before transferred to you. The products are manufactured by high-quality materials and are very strong. With continuous servicing, our products will last for long.

  • Conductivity Meter
    Conductivity Meter (ATI-1025)
    Conductivity meters are equipment’s that are primarily used to measure the electrical conductivity....
  • Digital Wood Moisture Meter
    Digital Wood Moisture Meter (ATI-MC-03)
    Wood moisture meters are equipment’s that are used to determine the moisture content......
  • Grain Moisture meter
    Grain Moisture meter (ATI-230)
    Grain Moisture Meters are equipment’s primarily used for measuring the moisture levels in food grains...
  • Microprrocessor Based Colony Counter
    Microprrocessor Based Colony Counter (ATI-1225/1226)
    Microprocessor based colony counter are equipment’s designed for quick and accurate counting of bacterial...
  • Rapid Moisture Meter
    Rapid Moisture Meter (ATI–RMM 01)
    Rapid Moisture meters are used to determine the moisture content of the soil without having to wait for the moisture...
  • Soil Moisture Meter
    Soil Moisture Meter (ATI-231)
    Soil Moisture Meter are equipment’s primarily used for quick determination of moisture content...

We Manufacture Measuring Tools with Non-Damaging Technology

For correct moisture measurements, no one can go with the pace, trouble-free and accurateness of Acmas's measuring meters. Each of our measuring meter is planned with non-damaging technology that assists you quickly scan and find the moisture.
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