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Digital Wood Moisture Meters Specification

Digital Wood Moisture Meters are equipment that are used to determine the moisture content of different types of wood. All these devices are easy to use, accurate and easy to operate. In these Measuring Meter the the moisture content of hardwood flooring, cabinets, furniture, slats, beaming, window frames, rolled products, building materials, and more can be measured. All these are incorporated with special characteristics such as automatic wood species correction and automatic temperature compensation.

Digital Wood Moisture Meter

Model No : ATI-MC-03

Technical Matrix
Can be applicable of wood fibre materials, wooden articles, Chinese traditional medicine, tobacco, cotton and papers etc.
Display 4 digits, 10mm (4" ) LCD ( Liquid .Crystal Display)
Range Moisture content: 0 ~ 50% Temp.: -10 ~ 65oC
Resolution 0.1
Accuracy Moisture content : + (0.5%n + 1)
Temperature ± 0.8oC
Operation Temp. 0 ~ 50oC
Operation Humidity <85%
Battery 4 x 1.5 AA (UM-3) battery
Size 178 x 68 x 39 mm
Weight about 190g (not including batteries)
  • Carrying Case: 1pc.
  • Operation Manual: 1pc.
  • Measurement Needle: 1pc.
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