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Every sanatorium or treatment home needs a vertical autoclave to make germ-free surgical instruments and hospital equipment that are used for patients. They are similar like huge pressure cookers that use the influence of steam to kill germs that would live on a plain washing with boiling water and detergents. A hygienic environment is a requisite in particular medical lab.

Acmas manufacture high performance sterilization products to zero the possibility of any type of contagion amongst the person being cured. These sterilization equipments designed to provide a physical method to eliminate any type of microbial infection and sterilization. They work with an amalgamation of steam, pressure and time. These Horizontal Autoclave Cylindrical equipments are operated at high temperature and pressure so as to kill bacteria and spores.

List of Well Tested Sterilization Equipment Supplied by Acmas

We deliver our products after ensuring about its accurate function and no possibilities of any contagion to sustain. Our main delivery apparatus for clients-reported faults is through our manufactured goods. We believe in offering 100 percent well-tested product for our customers.

  • Autoclave Front Loading
    Autoclave Front Loading (ATI-108 & 109)
    Front loading laboratory autoclave is an innovative product of Acmas Technologies Inc. and it is accurately verified on many stages.
  • Biomedical Waste Sterilizer
    Biomedical Waste Sterilizer (ATI-204)
    Biomedical waste steriliser are equipment’s that are designed for the on site conversion of biological..........
  • Cement Autoclave
    Cement Autoclave (ATI-107)

    The Autoclave is perfect way to pick up the pace of sound on cement or the autoclave growth test,

  • Horizontal Autoclave Cylindrical
    Horizontal Autoclave Cylindrical (ATI-105)
    Our Horizontal Autoclave Cylindrical is manufactured of stainless steel to make sure rust resistance surface.
  • Horizontal Rectangular Autoclave
    Horizontal Rectangular Autoclave (ATI-104)
    Acmas technologies Inc. offers you rectangular horizontal autoclave machine to fulfill the need of hospital.
  • Portable Autoclave
    Portable Autoclave (ATI - 110)
    Portable autoclaves are primarily designed for sterilization at dental clinics, nursing homes and
  • Vertical Autoclave (GMP Model)
    Vertical Autoclave (GMP Model) (ATI - 103)
    Acmas is a leading name in vertical autoclave manufacturers and offers you quality service to medical sector,
  • Vertical Autoclave Deluxe
    Vertical Autoclave Deluxe (ATI - 102)
    Acmas Technologies offer Vertical Autoclave Deluxe mostly used for destruction of living...
  • Vertical Autoclave Economy
    Vertical Autoclave Economy (ATI - 101)
    Vertical Autoclave comprises of autoclave line features such as fast cooling, optional drying .......
  • Vertical Autoclave Triple walled
    Vertical Autoclave Triple walled (ATI - 106)

    Vertical Autoclave Triple Walled is a perfect solution for steam sterilization.

Acmas Technology- Leading Supplier of Sterilization Equipment

The Acmas group is a leading supplier of front loading laboratory autoclave, which is also called disinfected processing unit. Our motive is to promote a better health life. We provide a variety of disinfection and sterilization products used in funeral homes, hospitals, dentistry, laboratories, technical institutes and pharmaceutical industry. They differ in size and work depending on the medium to be untainted.

At Acmas, we manufacture and deliver a collection of Horizontal Rectangular Autoclaves. Our impressive services and high-tech products are popular among customers across the country. Our vision, knowledge and aptitudes make possible for us to cater our client’s requirements. Our sterilization applications perfectly match the level of medical industry.
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