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Acma’s vacuum oven rectangular and incubators offer excellent temperature correctness and smart recovery time for a variety of challenging applications. Pressured air automatic convection parts provides consistent heating, accurate temperature control, and speedy processing using a blower that flows heated air in a flat airflow prototype. Gravity convection components characteristic a perpendicular air flow prototype best for ventilation samples that need low-turbulence surroundings.

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As a best bod incubator manufacturer, we offer highly advanced and adaptive microchip manage systems provide better temperature correctness. All parts trait a tough, powder-layered steel outer with stainless steel inner, glass wool wadding and temperature status, silicone rubber door gasket.

  • Bacteriological Incubator
    Bacteriological Incubator (ATI-117)
    Bacteriological Incubators are primarily used in drying of slides, tissue culture, crystallization and
  • Bod Incubator Manufacturer
    Bod Incubator Manufacturer (ATI-120)
    BOD incubator is the most different and trust worthy low heat incubator which is planned to manage at 60°C,
  • CO2 Incubator
    CO2 Incubator (ATI-188)
    We as a CO2 Incubator Manufacturer & Supplier offer CO2 incubators particularly suggested for laboratory research...
  • Egg incubator
    Egg incubator (ATI-205)
    Egg Incubators are equipment’s that are primarily used for keeping the eggs warm and in the correct......
  • High Temperature Deluxe Oven-Triple Walled
    High Temperature Deluxe Oven-Triple Walled (ATI-116)
    High Temperature Deluxe Oven is useful in various applications such as microbiology, tissue .....
  • Hot Air Oven
    Hot Air Oven (ATI-111)
    Hot Air Oven are electrical devices are primarily used for dry heat sterilization. These are mostly
  • Industrial Drying Oven/Tray Dryer
    Industrial Drying Oven/Tray Dryer (ATI-112)
    Tray Dryers are used in variety of industries and laboratories for applications such as drying and
  • Vacuum Oven (Rectangular)
    Vacuum Oven (Rectangular) (ATI-114)
    Acmas vacuum oven rectangular and incubators offer excellent temperature correctness and smart recovery...
  • Vacuum Oven (Round)
    Vacuum Oven (Round) (ATI-113)
    Obromax vacuum oven provides the vacuum of 700mm Hg which is displayed by vacuum gauge...
  • Walk in Incubator
    Walk in Incubator (ATI-189)
    Obromax walk-in incubator is suitable for various applications where controlled environmental .....

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We are a well-known CO2 Incubator manufacturer & supplier and offering our feature rich Ovens and Incubators. Our products are manufactured by our highly-educated professionals using up-to-date tools and techniques with the support of premium quality components in order to make sure that you get trouble-free delivery from our side. Moreover, our products are very much accepted by our potential customers for their long performance life, accurate heating and energy competence. Clients can get these products at very attractive prices.
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