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Horizontal Autoclave Cylindrical Specification

Our Horizontal Autoclave Cylindrical is manufactured of stainless steel to make sure rust resistance surface. Triple walled construction of this Sterilization Equipment gives strong level of protection. Boiler is installed individually and linked to the chamber. Water level pointer is also fitted to the boiler. Mechanical low water cut-off is non-compulsory and installed on require only. Every part is installed with mechanical pressure control switch, which is capable to manage the pressure. Users can easily control the temperature with the support of digital controller installed on the face of the unit. To get trustable tight door, we use rubber gasket. To make our Horizontal Autoclave Cylindrical well matched to your application and to easy your work, we offer a variety of accessories.
working chamber

Dia mm X Depth mm


Load (KW)

400 mm X 600 mm



500 mm X 900 mm



550 mm X 750 mm



400 mm X 1100 mm



500 mm X 1200 mm



600 mm X 1200 mm



750 mm X 1200 mm




Horizontal Autoclave Cylindrical

Model No : ATI-105

Technical Matrix
Model No. ATI-105
Type Horizontal Cylindrical
Construction SS 304
Radial Locking System Mild Steel
Tubular Stand Mild Steel
Temperature 121oC / 134oC
Pressure 5 to 20 psi
Multiple Operating Valve Inbuilt
Door Single / Double (Optional)
Steam Generator (Boiler) Inbuilt
Heating Elements ISI Marked
Automatic Pressure Control Switch Inbuilt
Low Water Cut of Device Inbuilt
Digital temperature indicator Inbuilt
Automatic pressure state switches to control the boiler/jacket pressure
Accidental Vacuum Breaker Inbuilt
Safety Valve Inbuilt
Plug Screen Inbuilt
Pressure & Compound Gauge Inbuilt
Electrical Control Box Inbuilt
Power Supply 415 V, 3 Phase
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