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Lab Willey Grinder Manufacturer and Supplier in India used for Grinding Dry Samples

Lab Willey Grinder Specification

Lab Willey Grinder are equipments that are primarily used for grinding of dry samples. The unit is provided with two stationary steel edges in its chamber. These Miscellaneous Equipment are mostly used in agriculture and science laboratories are mainly designed for grinding fertilizer materials, animal hair and other materials. All these equipment’s are manufactured and supplied by OBROMAX, an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13845:2016,CE,GMP certified company. It goes without saying, that these devices are easy to operate, compact in design and have a long life in terms of its usage.
working chamber


Chamber Size

Motor Capacity

40   X  25 mm

0.25 H.P.

65   X  25 mm

0.25 H.P.

100 X 50 mm

0.50 H.P.

200 X 75 mm

1.00 H.P.

Lab Willey Grinder (Arthur H. Thomas Type)

Model No : ATI-164

Technical Matrix
Recommended for Grinding of dry plant samples
Unit having two stationary steel blades and Rotary with steel edges provided in the chamber
A removable safety Glass sheet plate from the face of chamber of permits observation during operation.
Willey Mill is fitted on substantial MX / SS chamber
Sieves Stainless Steel
Removable plexi-glass plate Inbuilt
Supplied with polished hopper with cover, wooden plugger, Three delivery tubes mounted with sieves cloth mesh no; 20, 40, and 60mesh , One Allen Key for adjusting blades and 3 Glass Jars, brush etc.
Power Supply 220/230 volts A.C.
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