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Bottle Washing Machine Manufacturer in India used for Bottle Cleaning

Bottle Washing Machines Specification

Bottle Washing Machines are used to clean the bottle after brushing and is designed using advanced technology and the finest quality components using industry norms. Bottle washing machines are noiseless equipment’s and comprise of a hassle free operation and are extremely low on maintenance as well as cost-effective. This is because it has no mechanical organs and the unit contains a single machine and are known for high quality washing and removing of labels and bottle rinsing. This Miscellaneous Equipment comprises of a stainless steel pipe and a tray and is connected to a water source like an over head tank.
working chamber

With G.I.  Soaking tank of size 30” X 20” X 12”

With G.I.  Soaking tank of size 30” X 20” X 18”

With S.S   Soaking tank of size 30” X 20” X 12”

With S.S.  Soaking tank of size 30” X 20” X 18”

Bottle Washing Machine

Model No : ATI-162

Technical Matrix
Tank made of G.I/S.S
Construction Strong & Very durable
Mounted On Heavy Duty Angle Iron Stand Duly Painted
Electrically Motor Operated With Quick Released Chuck
Bottle washing machines are fitted With Heavy Duty Motor for long lasting use.
Cleaning bottle efficiently in less time
Accommodate Of Different Variety of Nylon Brushes For Cleaning Test Tube Bottles Etc.
With 12 Rinsers To Drill Chuck
Power Supply 220/230 volts A.C.
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