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Rotary Shaker Horizontal Manufacturer used for Mixing Subtances

Rotatory Shakers Specification

Rotatory Shakers are used for mixing or blending the substances in a flask or tube by shaking the same. All these devices are manufactured and supplied by OBROMAX under Shakers n Stirrers. Prime focus is on quality and functioning of the device. These equipment’s are quality approved, have a perfect finish, and are extremely smooth in function. In addition, these equipment’s are used mainly in biology and chemistry field. Also Rotary Shakers also contain an oscillating board which is used for placing the beakers, flasks, or test tubes. In a nutshell, these shakers are used for mixing and developing the chemicals, cultures, and solvents in cell culture, microbiological, and life science laboratories.

Rotary Shaker Horizontal

Model No : ATI-149

Technical Matrix:
Model No. ATI- 149
Construction Mild Steel duly powder coated
RPM Range 50 to 250 RPM
Platform Turned up edges & rubber sheeting
Platform Size 30x30cm
Rotates Specimens In horizontal plane in 1" circle
Suitable to hold Erynmeyer flask 50ml to 5000 ml
Heavy Duty DC Motor
Control through Speed Regulator
Optional Accessories 0-60 Minutes Mechanical Timer
Digital Timer
Digital R.P.M
Power Supply 220-230 V, AC Supply
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