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Industrial Tray Dryers Specification

Industrial Tray Dryers are used in variety of industries and laboratories for applications such as drying and sterilizing glassware. These processes require controlled heating and temperature uniformity such as bonding and curing. Also, these ovens are useful in heating the material to a desired temperature within a specific time.

These drying ovens are produced under Ovens n Incubators are produced with triple walled construction and the inner chamber is made up of steel which is further painted and finished. The front panel of the equipment is provided with on/off switch and there are temperature controllers and indicators fitted inside the same. Also they are supplied with other accessories such as trays and trolleys as well.

Industrial Drying Oven/Tray Dryer

Model No : ATI-112

Technical Matrix:
Construction Inner SS-304
Outer Powder Coated MS
Door Inner SS-304 and Outer MS
Temperature Range Ambient + 5 to 350 degree C
Deviation + 1 degree C or better
Readability + 1 degree C or better
Controller PID controller
Sensor J type
Display LED / LCD
Adjustable alarm limits Visual and acoustic
Glass Wool Insulation 75 mm
Air Circulation Fan Inbuilt
Heating Elements ISI Marked
Wire Mesh Shelves 8/12/24/48/96 (depends on the working chamber size)
Timer 1-999  hours Optional
Serial Data Port Optional
Power consumption 230 V, 50 Hz
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