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Water Distillation Wall Metal Specification

Water Distillation Wall Metal units are part of laboratory glassware and are extensively used in science labs established in schools, colleges as well as in research units. These equipment’s are known for a superior quality and comprise of accurate design standards. All these devices are manufactured and supplied by OBROMAX, an ISO 9001:2008, IS0 13485:2016, CE, GMP certified company that consists of advanced process technology to develop and deliver optimum performance support. In addition, these Lab Water Solution Equipment are also used in organic chemistry lab, fermentation, clinic, and, medical industry. They are also used in an autoclave, battery and other miscellaneous appratus.  These units are extremely easy to use, setup, and offers a safe distillation method to its user.



2 ltr/hr. (approx)

2.0 KW

4 ltr/hr. (approx)

3.0 KW

6 ltr/hr. (approx)

4.5 KW

8 ltr/hr. (approx)


Water Distillation Wall Metal

Model No : ATI - 147

Technical Matrix
The unit is recommended for making pyrogen free distilled water of a very high degree of purity
Made out of S.S. special kettle element is fitted with Ejection Device/Auto Cut for safety of the element is provided water supply is stopped.
The cock fitted to the unit is of brass C.P.
A wall mounting clamp Is provided with the unit.
Glass Wool Insulation 75 mm
Supplied with Cord and plug
Power Supply 220/230, Single Phase AC Supply
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