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Freeze Drying Specification

Freeze Drying is the process of moisture removal while maintaining the integrity of a biological product and its chemical structure and activities. This freezer and refrigerator is used primarily for moisture removal from the biological origin without causing any significant change in the original characteristics. Freeze Drying is a highly followed process in the field of Chemistry, Pharmacy and in Food Conservation. Those biological which are heat sensitive can be freeze-dried without damaging their potency. Theses dried materials can be stored at room temperature for many years without losing their original quality.

Lyophilizer (Freeze Dryer)

Model No : ATI – 34

Technical Matrix:
Temperature variation (time) ± 1oC or better
Temperature deviation (spatial) ± 1oC or better
Readability/Set ability ± 1oC or better
Temperature range -2o c to -40o c
Sensor thermocouple Type K
Controller PID controller
Display LED/LCD
Adjustable alarm limits (visual and acoustic) Optional
Safety thermostats  
Automatic setting Yes
Adjustable limits Yes
Vacuum pump capacity 250 LPM
Vacuum controller Digital
Port 8 Nos.
Inner & top construction SS 304
Outer wall MS
Capacity 3 / 5 Liter
Insulation PUF
Compressor CFC free
Power Supply 220V single phase, 50 HZ A.C
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