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Vertical Autoclave Economy Specification

Vertical Autoclave comprises of autoclave line features such as fast cooling, optional drying and waste treatment options which can accommodate wide range of applications. Also, this Sterilization Equipment is completely automatic and has a sensor which controls the equipment's inner temperature. In addition, horizontal autoclave manufacturers add alerts to keep-in-check after every single minute with a beep sound after the sterilization starts. The equipment also has the capacity of increasing and decreasing the sterilizing time as per user requirement. However, once the process has been completed the display on the equipment indicates done with a beep sound for about 30 seconds.

The exterior wall is developed with opaque mild steel while inner wall is developed with stainless steel. Lid is developed with gentle steel suitably pre lubricated with basic coverage of rust proofing with inside creased with stainless steel for two times protection. The component has chrome covered radial locking system and circle for the lid provided with fitted security control device, pressure measuring device, pressure liberate device. Pressure can be adjusted from 5 psi to 20 psi ± 3 psi. Electricity is supplied with cord and plug. To function on 220 /230 Volts, 50Hz AC supply.

working chamber
Dia mm X Depth mm Volume
250mm X 450mm 22 Ltrs
300mm X 500mm 35 Ltrs
350mm X 550mm 52 Ltrs
450mm X 600mm 95 Ltrs
550mm X 750mm 178 Ltrs

Vertical Autoclave Economy

Model No : ATI - 101

Technical Matrix
Model No. ATI-101
Type Cylindrical
Construction Inner SS 304 & Outer MS
Lid Mild Steel with SS Lining
Radial Locking System Mild Steel
Ring Mild Steel
Temperature 121oC / 134oC
Pressure 5 to 20 psi
Pressure for sterilization process 1.26 Kgf /cm2 (15psi)
Hydro test Pressure 2.5 Kgf /cm2 ( 35 psi )
Heating Elements ISI Marked
Air Insulation 75 mm
Vacuum Breaker Inbuilt
Water outlet valve Inbuilt
Water level indicating gauge glass with metal guard Inbuilt
Double safety radial locking arrangement. Inbuilt
Gasket Made of Silicon
Automatic Pressure Control Switch Optional
Low Water Cut of Device Optional
Digital temperature control cum timer cum alarm system Optional
Safety Valve Inbuilt
Steam Release Valve Made of Brass
Pressure Gauge Inbuilt
Electrical Control Box Inbuilt
Foot Lifting Device Inbuilt
Basket Inbuilt
Power Supply 220-230 V, Single Phase
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