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Vortex Shakers Specification

Vortex Shakers are devices that are used mostly in laboratories to mix small amounts of liquids. Also, they are also used in microbiology and cell culture mainly for suspending cells. In a analytical or biochemical laboratory, these shakers can be used for mixing an experimental sample. The direct motor design incorporated in the device makes the device more compact and portable. Every model of the Vortex Shaker comes up with a specific speed range. Vortex shaker is manufactured and supplied by OBROMOX under Shakers and Stirrers Category and here the emphasis is on quality and durability of the product. Not only this, these devices are compatible with incubator and cold rooms as well and is provided by means of flexibility accompanied with a broad range of accessories.

Vortex Shaker

Model No : ATI-153

Technical Matrix:
Model No. ATI-153
Working Size 150x 150mm
Suitable For accelerate mixing of solutions in test tubes, small flasks or centrifugal tubes etc
Speed Regulated Sped Control Device
Available With On/Off Switch
Touch keypad
Power Supply 220-230 V, AC Supply
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