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Magnetic Stirrers Specification

Magnetic Stirrers are laboratory devices that are used in chemistry and biology laboratories. These devices work well in glass vessels and are commonly used for chemical reactions. Magnetic stirrers also comprise of hot plates that is made by using the finest grades of stainless steel alloys. As the best Shakers n Stirrers Manufacturer in India we manufacture units which are compact in design, require low energy consumption, and are robust in construction. They are manufactured and supplied by OBROMOX, 25-year-old in the market and ISO 9001:2008, IS0 13485:2016, CE, GMP certified company. Not only this, magnetic stirrers are also incorporated with a digital speed indicator for displaying the stirrer speed as well.

Magnetic Stirrer

Model No : ATI-155

Technical Matrix:
Model No. ATI-155
Capacity 1 Liter
2 Liter
5 Liter
10 Liter
Bar/Paddle PTFE/Teflon coated
Speed Range Variable
RPM 1800
Speed Controller Regulatory Knob
Temperature Range Ambient+5 to 150oC
Temperature Regulation Digital (Optional)
Display LED (Optional)
Body Powder Coated (Mild Steel)
Heating Type Kenthal Wire (With hot plate)
Fitted With Pilot Lamp
Protection Over Heating Protection with waring light & Buzzer for alert
Power Supply 220-230 V, AC Supply
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