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Biological Safety Cabinet Specification

Being the Clean Room Equipment Manufacturer in India, we offer the finest –quality Biological safety cabinet that are used in scientific, pharmaceutical, education and general healthcare sectors. A different kind of Biosafety Cabinet comes in Classes (1, 2 and 3) that provides safety from dangerous material. Every safety cabinet is provided as per the need of the laboratory. Bio-safety Cabinets for the control of communicable causes should be placed fixed and functions correctly. Biological Safety cabinets are made to stop biological exposure and the environment. It may also save experimental equipment from being dirty. 
working chamber
Working Size 2’X2’X2’ 3’X2’X2’ 4’X2’X2’ 6’X2’X2’
Size Of HEPA Filter 2’x1.5’X6” 3’X1.5’X6” 4’X2’X6” 3’x1.5’X6”
No. Of HEPA Filter 1 1 1 2
Illumination 1X20W 1X20W 2X40W 2X40W

Biosafety Cabinet Manufacturer

Model No : ATI - 130

Technical Matrix:
Construction Mild Steel / Stainless Steel SS 3o4
Working Area Stainless Steel SS 304
Side walls Acrylic sheets
Exhaust 30%
Air Flow 70%
Exhaust Filter Filter with efficiency 99.99% at 0.3 micron
Down Flow Filter Filter with efficiency 99.99% at 0.3 micron
Ultra Violet Tube Light Germicidal
UV light programming Up to 999 minutes
Sash Door Hydraulic
Fluorescent Light &UV Light Working On and Off synchronized with front sash door
Rotary Switch For constantly self-regulating air flow velocity
Design 10 ° ; C slope/Tilt
Working Area Class 100
Blower Motor Assembly Dynamically Balanced ISI Marked
Noise and Vibration Low
Static Pressure Measurement- Magnetic Gauge Optional
Power 220 Volts
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